Benefits of Medical Malpractice Coverage from:


Dividends: Multi-year dividend program ensuring eligible members share in the company’s financial strength

Tribute Plan: Rewards the good practice of medicine, by allocating premium dollars to pay you back when you retire.

CyberGuard:  (Up To $50,000) Patient Notification and Credit Monitoring Costs Insurance, Network Security and Privacy Insurance, Regulatory Coverage, Data Recovery Costs Insurance(up to $5000) Online Risk Management Resources.

MediGuard: (Up to $25,000) Provides important protection against regulatory risks, Including: Defense of Medical Board Actions, Hospital Peer Review Matters, Allegations of Medicare/Medicaid Fraud and Abuse, EMTALA Actions, Regulatory Proceeding Brought by the DEA. ($1000 deductable) Claims-Free discounts

24 Hr Hotline: for Safety/Risk Management and Claims; Patient Safety Department provides a multitude of services, publications, and tools to assist doctors and their office staff: (800)421-2368

Free On-Site Risk Assessment: Risk Managers are available to provide your practice with an onsite risk assessment to identify potential exposures to your practice and help you prevent claims

Endorsed by MOA and MSMS: the only medical malpractice insurer in Michigan endorsed by both the Michigan Osteopathic Association and the Michigan State Medical Society.

Coverage Options Include– Occurrence, Claims-Made and Modified Claims-Made: The Doctors Company offers all three of these policy options

Policy Limits Options: $200K/$800K, $300K/$1.2M, $500K/$2M, $1M/$4M

A.M. Best “A” Rating: A.M. Best recognized The Doctors Company’s consistently strong financial results, noting “excellent capitalization, long-term underwriting profitability, favorable reserve development, and leadership position in the national medical professional liability market.”

MediGuard Plus: MediGuard and CyberGuard enhanced coverage: which provides additional protection for you or your group.